Music To My Ears

Hello and welcome to my blog about music. In this story, I will be talking about some of my favorite artists and why, some of my favorite quotes from specific songs, and how music is a significant part of my life.

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First, I love mostly all music. I say mostly because there are two genres I just can not get into. Those are heavy metal, death metal, whatever you want to call it. And I’m not the biggest fan of the sad country songs. Reasons why, I can’t understand the screaming and me personally, I’m not a loud guy so it just doesn’t sit right. It makes me think something bad is going to happen soon and I become to aware of my surroundings and can’t enjoy myself. That’s for the heavy metal, as for the sad country songs.. Sure, we all go through some things and we like to listen to sad music from time to time. Nothing wrong with that, however, it’s not so much as a dislike of sad country music but more of a “I would prefer some R&B.” Alright, so now that that is out of the way, let’s get into the music I do like!

Photo by Dan Farrell on Unsplash

Right out the gate, everything else is great! Good music is good music. My range of genre is basically all genres except for the two I mentioned before. Music is a way how I relate time. I can hear a song and go right back to a memory of when that song was and who I was around, feelin, etc.. It’s the message for me. I take lyrics very serious. If it’s about dumbness, I’m not with it. Some of my favorite artists are J. Cole, Joyner Lucas, Kevin Gates, and Wiz Khalifa. I enjoy a lot of other artists as well, but for now, those ones stand out to me at the moment. A person I did not put up there but in my opinion is probably the best to ever do it is Drizzy Drake Rogers. If you know you know. This man kills the charts and doesn’t matter what genre.. rap, hip-hop, r&b, don’t matter. #1 Hit on the board!

The message: the music and artist I enjoy the most, as I’m sure with others as well but not everybody!, are the musicians who speak about relatable material. If I can relate, I love it! It’s like a song just for me! And everyone loves when you’re going through something and someone just gets you or understands. It makes you feel better, and that’s what music does for me. I have a song for every situation! Motivational music is key as well. It’s the ultimate “picker upper”, songs that motivate you to want to be better, push yourself and make you want to be better. One of my favorite lines comes from J. Cole. The line is from the song Middle Child. I’m not going to type the lyrics in here because they may be offensive to some, but the message of it is to keep grinding. I’ve always wanted more and have always strived for greatness. Not for me, but so that everyone can eat too. When the money train comes, I’m going to have a lot of passengers! Ask me about the line if you’d like and we can also share some musical dialogue! Thank you for reading this blog, catch you all next time!



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